Asphalt Pothole Repair

A bump in the asphalt can be caused by many things. Expansion and contraction of time causes, but such things as damage from heavy metal elements can also cause a bump to develop. These are not only they ugly, but they can also cause damage when a wheel runs over them. The only alternative to a patch of asphalt are using a cold asphalt product. They are formulated with modern polymers that act as a glue to keep the asphalt in the potholes, patches successfully.


  • Remove all lose pieces of asphalt from the pothole. The larger pieces of the blade with a trowel and undermining a little edge to form a reverse bezel. Brush the hole with a stiff brush.
  • Fill deep holes with gravel up to four inches from the top, if possible. Tamp the gravel with a rammer.
  • Wipe primer on asphalt in the hole with a brush. Primer makes asphalt cold patch asphalt grip the sides of the best potholes, making a permanent patch.
  • Shake cold patch asphalt stirring with a stick. Approximately two-inch layer of asphalt cold patch and push down. Continue to measure and add cold patch asphalt in quantities of two inches until it is one inch below the surface and push down again.
  • Add colder patch asphalt and a little mound when the depth of the slump has been reduced to an inch deep. Push it down firmly until it leveled off and even surface. Fill low areas this way, tamping firmly.
  • Allow to cure for 36 hours before driving on it.