Calculating prices for asphalt repair

Asphalt is a widely used building material that has been used for its versatility and strength for the vast majority of applications, from roads to paving roads. Asphalt has the ability to expand and contract with temperature changes while maintaining its material integrity.

While asphalt is a strong and tough par with other paving materials such as concrete material they can also deteriorate over time. Develop cracks and holes in the asphalt surface and should be repaired as soon as possible. Calculate the cost of asphalt repair is a generally simple task that can be overcome with basic math skills.


  • Measuring the length and width of the holes (in inches) in the asphalt surface using the tape measure.
  • Multiply the length and width measurements (using the calculator) of each hole to find the surface area of ​​the hole (in square inches).
  • Add the surface areas of all holes to find the total area of ​​asphalt repair necessary hole (in square inches).
  • Divide the total area of ​​repair asphalt hole 144. This will convert the measurement to square inches square feet.
  • Measure the total length (in feet) of all the cracks in the asphalt surface using tape. Add all lengths together to find the total amount of asphalt repair is necessary crack.
  • Call a local building supply store to quote the actual cost of asphalt filling both holes and break repair and coverage (by foot or square feet) per container of each product.
  • Dividing the square feet coverage hole filling container asphalt by the total area of ​​holes measured on the asphalt surface. This will calculate the number of containers needed for repair. Repeat this process for repairing the crack of asphalt. Some calculations of container to the nearest whole number, such as asphalt repair products are not sold in partial containers.
  • Multiplies the number of containers of each product for their respective cost to find the total cost of all materials.
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