How to place pavers outdoor patio

Patios create a relaxing outdoor space. Materials for patios vary for manufactured natural stone paving. Pavers are installed on prepared sand and gravel base. The cobblestones are laid over the gravel and gaps between the stones are filled with sand to complete the project. Pavers come in a wide variety of designs, allowing owners to find the material that best suits the styles of their homes. Because the pavers are uniform in size, they are an ideal material for the first time do-it-yourselfer to use in a project yard.


  • Measure the dimensions of the courtyard at the selected location.
  • Mark the outline of landscaping patio with spray paint.
  • Dig the patio space at a depth of 6 inches with a shovel. This will create a suitable depth for the foundation.
  • Fill the space of the house with a 4-inch layer of gravel.
  • Shrink gravel plate compactor consistently hitting the gravel with the metal plate at the bottom of the handle throughout the gravel bed. Gravel is fully compacted when the gravel bed is distributed evenly and flat.
  • Roll on gravel landscape sheets. This will allow for drainage and weed crop block. Cut the sheet to fit the space with a knife.
  • Fill the remaining depth of the Foundation with a 2-inch layer of sand.
  • Alisa sand with bow rake to their level.
  • Placing the stones from one side and work your way through the entire courtyard space. The pavers are placed flat and placed in rows. Do not worry that the stones do not fit, and then cracks filled with sand.
  • Place a level on top of each paver then set in place. If the paver is not level, the paver can exploit with a rubber mallet to set until it is level on the sand.
  • Downloading a small pile of sand placed on the cobblestones. Store using a broom; push the sand on all the joints between the pavers to fill the spaces. Sweep any excess sand.


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